1. On behalf of a client, exCLAIM international attended an international cardiovascular symposium in search of information that would positively and negatively impact their business.  A full assessment of the science, as well as the opportunities and risks the science posed was submitted to the client.  The information furthered the client's understanding of the available science and the potential research directions they could pursue that could lead to bigger business opportunities.
  2. A Public Relations agency hired exCLAIM International to create a scientifically based, consumer relevant website on a variety of issues related to pregnancy.  Not only did exCLAIM provide the scientifically substantiated content, but also provided recipes for healthy eating during pregnancy.  The content also included articles of interest for the pregnant woman that are used as pieces of interest to drive return traffic to the site.
  3. A client was in need of a variety of advertorials to reach consumers and healthcare professional regarding the brand's new science that was the foundation for their new marketing campaign. exCLAIM reviewed the new and related science and created 8 advertorials with varying levels of science and claim strength appropriate for different consumer segmentations and healthcare professionals. Tables and graphs to simplify the communications were also prepared. The advertorials were used as lead communications in both consumer and medical marketing efforts.
  4. A client was in need of scientific summaries for various regulatory filings in the USA. exCLAIM International provided the scientific summaries and provided insights regarding how the regulatory agency may react given the strengths and weaknesses of the data and ways to manage the risk.
  5. A marketer was under time stress to complete the necessary advertorials needed for the launch of a new product in the EU market. exCLAIM was able to review the science, understand the segmentation and attitudes of the consumer and create appropriate communications in under a week. The launch of the communication strategy was on time.
  6. A client was looking for new uses of an old ingredient including not only new benefits, but also new populations to target. exCLAIM reviewed the literature, ranked the potential new opportunities and size of potential new consumer markets and created various new claim areas in which the client could consider. The assessment included how to leverage the existing science for new claims and what necessary scientific steps would need to be taken to substantiate and support any new nutrition and health claims.
  7. A client was in need of extra hands in the regulatory department. exCLAIM helped fill in the gap where resources were needed reviewing formulations making sure claims were appropriately substantiated and regulatory requirements were being met. Additionally, exCLAIM scientifically assessed whether or not new protein based products in the pipeline could meet the criteria for Foods for Special Medical Purposes and how best to substantiate this in any regulatory filing.
  8. A company needed a health claim strategy to help ensure success with a potential health claim dossier in the mental health arena. exCLAIM international reviewed the literature and internal science then spoke with internal scientists and stakeholders to assess the totality of the science. exCLAIM then wrote and presented a full strategy for creating the best possible dossier including the best possible claim language, how best to tell the scientific story, how to engage KOLs in the process and how to align marketing, R&D and regulatory on claim language and submission steps/timeline. 

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